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Prints & Enlargements


If the photograph you want to use is faded, dog-eared, scratched, or covered with fingerprints and dirt, get a reprint from the negative.

If you don't have the negative, you can make an improved copy of the picture using a Kodak picture maker or picture-editing software. And while you are at it, you can enlarge your picture to increase its impact, and enhance its brightness and contrast, or add a fun border design.

To add in-your-face drama to a room, super-size your picture before you put it on display. A picture can have a dominant presence in any room, if you make it big.

How big? It depends on the quality of the original image. For example, a blurry, poorly exposed picture won't yield a high-quality enlargement. Also, the bigger the original image, the better clarity you will have for the enlargement. Use only high-quality pictures to create enlargements bigger than 16 x 20 inches.

You can make enlargements in several ways:

  • Use a photofinisher for easy enlargements of almost any size—If you want someone to do the work for you, turn the job over to your local photofinisher to make your enlargements for a decent price. Many can even make poster-sized prints.
  • Use a custom photo lab for professional enlargements of all sizes—Larger images may benefit from the services of a custom photo lab. Since a custom lab enlarges your original by hand, an enlargement will cost more but will be made to your exact specifications for cropping, brightness, and color balance.
  • Use a Kodak picture maker for 8 x 10-inch prints—Find a Kodak picture maker at a store near you and in just five minutes, you can make your favorite photos up to 8 x 10 inches by yourself. You can use a negative, a print, or a digital file.
  • Use an online photo service to get convenient prints up to 20 x 30 inches—What could be easier than ordering prints online while sipping coffee at your computer? And before you place your print order, you can make any needed corrections so that your pictures are better than ever. You'll want to order extras to give to special people.
  • Use your inkjet printer for do-it-yourself 8 x 10-inch prints—Get instant results right at home, using your very own printer and Kodak inkjet photo paper to make inexpensive, generously-sized 8 x 10-inch prints.

The pictures you want to display look great, but what if you could make them look even better? Get an enhanced print to put on display. Do it yourself with picture-editing software, or use a photofinisher, custom lab, or a Kodak picture maker.

You can adjust:

  • Composition by cropping to trim off edges and close in on your subject
  • Brightness to lighten or darken your picture
  • Contrast to increase or decrease distinction between light and dark colors
  • Color balance so each color looks correct
  • Color saturation to intensify or mute and dull hues
  • Sharpness to reveal better detail
Prints with decorative borders 
Add flair to a favorite photo with a decorative border. Choose one that supports and flatters the subject. The Kodak picture maker , for example, offers lots of borders from which to choose. Border themes include sports, flowers, friendship, and special occasions, such as birthdays and holidays.