Valentines Day Ideas  

Start your own Valentine's Day project now!

Your Song

Your Song

Craft a unique gift by writing the lyrics of "your song" on the frame's matte.

Bokeh Photo Technique

Bokeh Photo Technique

Unleash your creative side with Bokeh photography.

Candy Photo Tube

Candy Photo Tube

The perfect gift for a sweet tooth.

Valentines Day Garland

Valentine's Day Garland

Create a festive decoration with photos of you and your love.

Close to Her Heart

Close to Her Heart

Use prints from the KODAK Picture Kiosk to create a heart-shaped pin.

Secret Valentines Day Message

Secret Valentine's Day Message

Surprise your valentine with a secret message inside.

Candy Hearts Picture Frame

Candy Hearts Picture Frame

A great project for your kids who want to make a gift for Mom or Grandma.

Hugs and Kisses

Hugs and Kisses

Design this loving display for a unique decoration.

Candy Box Photo Frame

Candy Box Photo Frame

Give an empty heart-shaped candy box new life with a photo.

Photo Valentines for Kids

Photo Valentines for Kids

Have the kids make a special Valentine's Day photo with a picture of themselves.

Valentines Day Card

Valentine's Day Cards

Make a Valentine's Day card with a special message.

Valentines Day Cards or Bookmarks

Valentine's Day Cards or Bookmarks

Make your own Valentine's Day cards or bookmarks with pictures.

Valentines Day Greeting Cards

Valentine's Day Greeting Cards

Make a homemade card as unique as you are and surprise your special valentine.

Valentines Day Hold On Bookmark

Valentine's Day "Hold On!" Bookmark

Make this adorable photo bookmark for your valentine.

Valentines Day Photo Anagram

Valentine's Day Photo Anagram

Express your love with this Valentine's Day photo anagram.

Valentines Day Photo Candy Bar Wrappers

Valentine's Day Photo Candy Bar Wrappers

Make the day special with these photo candy bar wrappers.

Valentines Day Photo Frame/Calendar

Valentine's Day Photo Frame/Calendar

Display your calendars with style -- in a frame!

Valentines Day Photo Mosaic

Valentine's Day Photo Mosaic

Express your love with this Valentine's Day photo mosaic with all your favorite photos.

Valentines Day Photo Dessert Topper

Valentine's Day Photo Dessert Topper

Decorate your Valentine's Day dessert with a photo topper.

Lovely Flip Book

Lovely Flip Book

Send a kiss to your Valentine in a flip book!

Lovely Flip Book

Valentine's Garland

Show your love with a special Valentine's Day garland made with favorite photos.