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    Chairman's Statement

    Welcome to Kodak!

    Phil Ball

    Whilst reading the information provided to you on our website, one thing stands out very clear: Kodak has transformed itself as a technology company focused on imaging for business. People around the world will continue to see the Kodak brand through its commercial businesses and licenses with select business partners.

    Kodak today is ready to take advantage of the digital transition underway in packaging markets; the growing demand for graphic communications products and services in emerging markets; and dynamic growth in the market for printed electronics, sensors, fuel cells and other printed products with functions beyond visual communications.

    Though Kodak has mostly been known for its historic role in photography, the company has served imaging needs of numerous industries since the early 1900s. Kodak's current portfolio is based on deep technological expertise developed over the years in materials science, deposition (e.g., precisely depositing thin coatings onto substrates or backings), and digital imaging science.

    Using this expertise, the company that delivered the first roll film, the first electronic color separation scanner to prepare images for printing, the first cameras to go to the moon, and the first digital camera, is now delivering leading solutions for today's business customers.

    Kodak also has more than 7,500 active commercial imaging patents – a depth of intellectual property that enables partnerships with other innovators to create new markets, and disrupt existing markets with new solutions.

    Whilst our businesses remain the focus for Kodak to provide a profitable return for its shareholders, we are also committed to a wider corporate responsibility, which serves the interest of our other stakeholders - our employees, customers, suppliers and the communities in which we operate. Sound financial governance is at the heart of good corporate citizenship, but also high ethical standards and values and a willingness to engage with the wider community by supporting charities, educational projects and volunteer groups. Perhaps most important of all is our responsibility for high standards in Health, Safety and Environmental practices. Protecting our employees from injury and accidents in the workplace and ensuring that we minimise the environmental impact of our products are the cornerstone of our operations.

    Kodak began its life more than a century ago as the brainchild of George Eastman who put the first simple camera into the hands of consumers in 1888. Today, Kodak is a technology company focused on imaging for business, serving customers with disruptive technologies and breakthrough solutions. Kodak customers produce over $100 Billion commercial printing worldwide. Our transformation has enabled us to build and broaden that success and take the Company forward to successfully meet the challenges ahead.

    Phil Ball

    Phil Ball, Chairman & Managing Director, Kodak Limited