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Kodak Businesses


Kodak Businesses Image
Learning About Kodak Products
From Commercial Printers to Image Sensors and Digital Cameras to Inkjet Printers, Kodak is always developing and improving upon a wide range of products. Find out more about Kodak’s products:
Consumer Products
Kodak is the world's foremost imaging innovator. Consumers use Kodak's system of digital and traditional products and services to take, print and share their pictures anytime, anywhere. The company is committed to a digitally oriented growth strategy focused on helping people better use meaningful images and information in their life and work.
Graphics Communication Group
Kodak’s Graphic Communications Group, one of Kodak’s strategic business units, provides technologies; products and services that help print providers streamline processes, optimize efficiencies and broaden services. Kodak offers the industry’s broadest portfolio of solutions for blended production environments. Kodak’s solutions range from intelligent business and color scanning, prepress and workflow, to high-quality digital and offset output.
Image Sensor Solutions
With over 30 years experience in the design and manufacture of electronic image sensors, Kodak is a world leader in image sensor technology. Today, imaging products around the world reflect inventions and developments first created by Kodak.
Science & Technology
Behind all Kodak products lies our wealth of expertise in- and our deep commitment to research and development in imaging science and technology. Specific areas of research include: Photographic Science, Intelligent Systems, Display Technologies and Printing Technologies.
Kodak is excited about the future of entertainment -- film and digital. Film is proven technology - but we're out to prove it can be even better. You may have heard that Kodak has won eight Academy awards for scientific and technical excellence in film. But, did you know that Kodak also owns twelve EMMY’s, and many were in recognition of our digital accomplishments?
Kodak is an equal opportunity employer.