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    Mementos Picture Frame


    Skill Level:    Moderate

    Here's a great project for the kids - and a great way to make a keepsake of a special day with

    What You'll Need
    • Your child's favorite picture of a special day
      with Dad
    • Mementos from your child's special day with Dad
    • 8" x 10" box frame, 1" - 1 1/2" deep
    • Colored cardstock to fit frame
    • A marker or crayon
    • Glue
    How to Make it

       Make a 5" x 7" print 
    Take your picture to the nearest KODAK Picture Kiosk and touch the screen to start.Follow
    the on-screen directions to make a 5" x 7" enlargement of your picture. (With KODAK Picture Kiosk, you can make two 5" x 7" prints on a single Picture Kiosk sheet, so you'll have one picture to keep, and one to use in this project.)
      Make your frame 
    Once you've made your Picture Kiosk print, it's time to make your mementos frame.First,
    glue your finished enlargement to the cardstock. Then, have your child write a special message to Dad next to the picture (you can use either marker or crayon).
      Add your mementos 
    Now, help your child arrange and glue down the mementos. Make sure the mementos are
    not too big for the frame when it is assembled.
      Frame it 
    When the glue has dried, place the finished piece in the box frame.