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    CD Wall Display

     Transform those old CD jewel cases into sleek,
    simple frames for an ever-changing display of

    What You'll Need:

    30 min
    time to complete
    Skill Level 1
    skill level

     How To Make It

    Get your photos ready
    Choose pictures that you love, and make 5 x 7 prints. Use 9, 16 or 25 photos if you want to create a grid. Try to pick photos that’ll easily fit into a square shape and that all fit a certain theme, like beach photos, close-up portraits, etc., to give your display a more cohesive look. Cut each photo down to size, using our sizing template , or by measuring 4 ¾-inch x 4 ¾-inch.
    TIP: For a very creative, dramatic display, choose one photograph and crop it in to 9 equal squares, print those squares, and display the “pieces” of the photo in the CD frames


    Install your display

    Place each photo into a jewel case, and determine the nicest arrangement of them. Using mounting or poster tape, put each jewel case in its spot.


    Change it up

    You can change the photo selection easily by simply opening the jewel cases and putting new photos in there, so feel free to match the display to the season or to showcase your latest shots.